Choosing CJ Academy for Nail Art Coaching for 2022

Are you creative, assertive, ambitious and interested in the beauty industry? The beauty market has evolved throughout time, and you may create a place in it by becoming a nail technician. To entitle your name to the list of best nail technicians in 2022, you must master your nail art skills. It would be best to enrol in one of the best coaching for nail art by CJ Academy, which will help you master nail art techniques.      

Why Should You Choose CJ Academy?

Nail art is a creative course that needs accuracy, inventiveness, and originality. At CJ Academy, you will learn methods and how to operate with precision on minimal surfaces. In addition, your creative perspective is enhanced by theoretical knowledge of nail care.

You will enhance your knowledge of working with various materials such as artificial nails, gel nails, and others. CJ Academy will educate you as a nail technician in a nail art course, exposing you to tools and equipment, product knowledge, and the newest trends and methods.

These are the nail art courses offered by CJ Academy:

Accelerated Acrylic Nail Course

You will get the opportunity to accelerate your skills and knowledge by taking an Accelerated Acrylic Nail Course from CJ Academy. Cassie and Jade will be holding your hand personally and guiding you at each step. This course has been designed for anyone who is a beginner to intermediate in nails.

By the end of the course, you will learn the fundamentals of nail artistry like accurate and safe acrylic removal, providing manicures, full sets and infills using gel polish and acrylic, and using nail tools, such as nippers, files, drill bits, etc.

1-On-1 Coaching                    

Whether you’re a beginner or you currently work as a nail technician, CJ Academy invites you to be a part of the nail artistry revolution. CJ Academy prides itself on providing a holistic and contemporary learning approach to nail artistry. They train students in the latest nail art trends and provide coaching to students on building a brand.

When you take one on one nail art classes by CJ Academy, you will learn through a customised learning technique that suits you the best. Teaching to a small group allows each student to receive even more personal attention. This course has been designed for any skill level from basic to business owner and is conducted upstairs of CJ Artistry’s salon to ensure complete experience.                   

What do the Courses include?

• The Acrylic course will train you through the methods for extension, blending, and maintenance, as well as aftercare counselling.

• Nail extension courses will teach you the basics of nail and beauty by focusing on nail anatomy, safe hygiene, work, and health and safety standards.

• You will acquire specific skills via theoretical and practical training.

• Our courses will help you become a professional by developing your creativity, hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, strong interpersonal skills, and time management skills.

Benefits of Taking Nail Technician Courses from CJ Academy:

1. Development of Creative Skills

Those who choose one of the top nail art courses from CJ Academy will constantly express their creativity in various aspects of their job. In addition, the students will be trained to provide various services in these nail courses, ranging from purely aesthetic treatments like gel polish and acrylic nail tips to skin and nail care treatments like manicures and pedicures.

2. Flexible Working Hours

When you work as a nail technician, you’ll be able to set your hours and meet with clients when you please. This way, you won’t feel restricted by your job, and you’ll be able to work when it’s convenient for you. You could also have clients set appointments when coming into the schedule when you want them to have their nails done. 

3. Career Opportunities

A nail technician course from CJ Academy will give you access to tons of opportunities in various industries. You can choose to work in beauty/ nail salons or spas. It also enables you to use your skills within the beauty industry as a stepping stone for other opportunities as a makeup artist or skin care specialist. In addition, there are also opportunities within the entertainment, fashion and hospitality industry for nail artists.    

4. Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is the most important thing to succeed in any career. The customers appreciate the work of nail technicians. The customers’ nails can look beautiful due to pedicure, manicure and nail art. You would feel good and confident when your customers would praise your creativity and work.   

5. Attractive Income

The popularity of nail treatments also makes them easy to rely on as an in-demand service that clients will pay for. By learning and practising through the nail courses by CJ Academy, a nail technician can expect to receive an immediate return on their investment.

You will get several financial rewards and perks in the profession of a nail technician. Firstly by having the essential skills for employment in a salon providing nail treatments. Secondly, you will offer your services privately through your own business.

6. Interactive Field

If you’re the type of person who loves connecting with others and helping them feel better about themselves, then a career as a nail technician is a great opportunity for you. As a nail technician, you meet many people engrossed in the fashion industry apart from your customers. Therefore, it is quite an interesting opportunity to meet and socialise with people.                   

Wrap Up

CJ Academy provides you with the chance to be a part of a new era in which nail art is more than simply cutting nails and doing old things. Please take advantage of nail art live demonstrations for beginners to explore new methods, products and increase your confidence as they show you how to perform acrylic enhancements.

Enroll in one of the best nail art classes by visiting the @CJAcademy website now if you want to learn about the craft’s beauty!                          

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